The secrets of effective anti - aging and beautiful skin from nature

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    For women who have passed the age of 30, beauty care is always the most concerning because it makes the skin no longer tight and shiny as before. Instead of going to spas and beauty salons, they choose natural beauty methods by adding vegetables and fruits available at home.

    1. Why choose juice as an effective beauty solution?
    The composition of the juice is always rich in nutrients such as vitamins C, A, E, anti-aging agents, etc., which penetrate from deep inside, providing nutrients for the skin to have energy to work. and develop.

    In addition, fruit juice also works to promote skin recovery, strengthen connective tissue, balance the pH of the skin to help bright, smooth, shiny, and youthful skin.

    1. Suggest 3 types of juice to use for beautiful skin - healthy skin.
    When using fruit juice, women should give preference to varieties that contain high nutrients such as tomatoes, papaya, carrots, oranges, coconuts, grapes, ... these are popular types in beauty and pregnancy. outstanding performance.

    2.1 Tomato juice

    Known as the number 1 fruit in terms of nutritional value, in addition to nutrients, it also contains antioxidants that work to prevent rapid skin aging in women, giving skin 0 years old.

    Tomato juice is very popular because it is not only cheap but also easy to prepare. Just peel, add a little sugar and puree and you can enjoy every day.

    2.2 Carrot juice

    With fiber, vitamins, beta carotene, minerals that help the body improve the immune system, prevent diseases, especially help brighten skin, reduce acne and protect skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays. To make it easier to drink, women can add a little honey or milk to make the taste richer and can be used twice a week.

    2.3 Orange juice

    Dubbed the queen of vitamin C - this is an antioxidant commonly applied in beauty technology, capable of hindering the attack of bad factors on skin cells, maintaining stability. of cells, optimally preventing acne, making skin white and radiant.

    3. When should juice be drunk?

    Juice is best absorbed when you use it in the morning, but should not be taken before meals because the acidic content of the fruit can cause stomach or duodenal ulcers. Not only will your skin not improve, but it will also seriously affect your health. So drinking after meals for about 30-60 minutes is the most reasonable.

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