Starlake apartment for rent updated in 2021

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    Starlake Apartment is a high-class real estate project in Starlake Tay Ho Tay urban area in Hanoi, developed by Daewoo E&C group (a high-end real estate development company from Korea).

    The location of the Starlake Hanoi apartment is very special, is the No. 1 choice for Koreans to rent. Only 5 minutes to Metro Line 02, 10 minutes to the Korean Embassy, 10 minutes to Lotte Mall Tay Ho, 7 minutes to the future Samsung factory planning. Besides, Starlake apartment for rent has nearly Diplomatic Corps, Ciputra Hanoi, 08 government departments, West Lake, and many embassies.

    Starlake Tay Ho Tay apartment building has a total of 3 blocks 901, 902 & 903 for rent, including:
    • Apartment for rent at 901A Starlake
    • Apartment for rent at 901B Starlake
    • Apartment for rent at 902 Starlake
    • Apartment for rent at 903A Starlake
    • Apartment for rent at 903B Starlake
    Starlake Tay Ho Tay apartment project has a height of up to 24 floors, a low density of apartments on one floor, only 9 – 10 apartments/floor, and is divided into many different types of rental areas:

    • Types of apartments with 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms
      Apartment type A: Area 91.25 sq.m
      Apartment type B: Area 96.24 sq.m
      Apartment type C: Area 98.08 sq.m
      Apartment type D: Area 100.95 sq.m
    • Types of apartments with 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms
      Apartment type E: Area 109.82 sq.m
      Apartment type F: Area 112.06 sq.m
      Apartment type G: Area 113.21 sq.m
      Apartment type H: Area 125.41 sq.m
    • Types of apartments with 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms
      Apartment type K: Area 154.54 sq.m
    • Types of duplex and penthouse apartments
      Apartment type N: Area 231.40 sq.m (4 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms)
      Apartment type O: Area 288.13 sq.m (6 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms)
    In addition to the flexibility in terms of area, Starlake apartments are also divided into two types of furnished or unfurnished apartments for rent:

    – The fully furnished apartments are for rent with extremely classy furniture, bright colors, and very clean. Simple but comfortable. Very suitable for Korean style.

    – The unfurnished apartments for rent already have basic furniture handed over from the investor such as plaster ceiling, tiled floor, kitchen cabinet system, air conditioner, lighting, sanitary equipment… All are imported high-class furniture. This is an apartment for tenants who already have furniture.

    One thing worth choosing to rent at Starlake apartment is the standard 5 * standard utility system: BBQ garden, restaurant, gym, shopping center, modern swimming pool, mini-golf course, children’s playground, outdoor tennis court…

    To have more information on Starlake apartment rentals, please contact (+84) 39 819 5355 – Jackie Realtor!

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