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    Are you looking for a serviced apartment in Tay Ho (Westlake) for rent? Please also Jackie Realtor find out the information below.


    Tay Ho (also known as Westlake) is one of the inner city districts and is named after West Lake – the largest natural lake in Hanoi. This is where foreigners live, especially Europeans, and also have other nationalities. Therefore, to meet the accommodation needs for a large number of foreigners living and working in Westlake, many serviced apartments for rent have been built and put into operation.

    If you go around the streets in Tay Ho area, you will come across many serviced apartment buildings for rent. However, to save time and effort, Jackie Realtor will have a team of professional consultants to advise and give you a list of serviced apartments according to your needs based on the following criteria:

    – Location: Jackie Realtor has a lot of serviced apartments in Tay Ho in the streets of To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Dang Thai Mai, Au Co… which is a favorite place for Europeans because of most of the facilities. (schools, supermarkets, bars/pubs, cafes, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools …) are concentrated in these areas. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have serviced apartments in other places, such as Trinh Cong Son, Nhat Chieu, Trich Sai, Vong Thi, Lac Long Quan, Thuy Khue…

    – Type of apartment: In Tay Ho, Jackie Realtor has many serviced apartment buildings with many types of apartments such as studio, 123 bedrooms, duplex or penthouse with an area of nearly 30 – 500m2. Depending on the number of people in the apartment, you can consider different types of apartments.

    – Budget: Understanding that each customer will have different budget levels, Jackie Realtor has a full range of serviced apartments with rental prices from low to high with full amenities. All you need to do is just bring your suitcase in and stay without worrying about anything.

    In addition, the apartments for rent in Westlake all come with services included in the rent of internet/wifi, cable TV, running water, cleaning. If it is a higher-class serviced apartment, it will include breakfast, laundry, bed linen change …

    Therefore, serviced apartments in Tay Ho are always the number 1 choice for foreigners who first set foot in Hanoi and are looking for a place to rent. So what are you waiting for without choosing from the lists below and sending us your requirements to find a suitable place to live right away?

    For more information about Watermark apartment rental, please contact (+84) 39 819 5355 – Jackie Realtor or email!

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