Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis updated in 2021

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    Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis – A new luxurious condo project in the central also known as a new CBD of Hanoi. With a “diamond” location at Lieu Giai and Kim Ma streets, Vinhomes Metropolis is the choice of many tenants working in Dong Da, Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, or Cau Giay districts. The project is also located next to the elevated railway line – Metro Line 02, especially helping residents easily move in the future.

    Vinhomes Metropolis is divided into types of apartments for rent such as:

    1. Apartment for rent in M1 Vinhomes Metropolis

    2. Apartment for rent in M2 Vinhomes Metropolis

    3. Apartment for rent in M3 Vinhomes Metropolis

    Vinhomes Metropolis provided a big amount of apartments for rent. Here, there are high-class apartments, penthouses & sky villas divided into 2 – 3 – 4 bedrooms (the various areas from 65 – 500 sq.m), fully furnished or unfurnished, overlooking West Lake, Ngoc Khanh Lake, Thu Le Lake, or city and embassies of Australia, USA, Japan… Therefore, tenants will have a lot of choices depending on the aesthetic taste of each person.

    Most of the apartments at Vinhomes Metropolis for rent are fully furnished with modern imported furniture of 5 * standard with different styles (modern, classic, or neoclassical). However, there are still unfurnished apartments for rent with original furniture handed over from the investor. That is plaster ceiling, wooden floor, imported sanitary ware, wall lighting system, central air conditioner, kitchen cabinet system…

    Vinhomes Metropolis is also the perfect choice for a comfortable and classy life. That is the system of 6-star standard utilities and services at Vinhomes Metropolis: Kindergarten, Vinschool, car showroom, barbecue restaurant, hot pot restaurant, fashion store, commercial center, modern fitness center and swimming pool… All for one purpose to serve the upper-class life for high-class residents at Vinhomes Metropolis apartment!

    To have more information on Vinhomes Metropolis apartment rentals, please contact (+84) 39 819 5355 – Jackie Realtor!

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