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    Apartments for rent in Golden Westlake
    Golden Westlake is an extremely luxurious apartment project for rent because of the panoramic view of West Lake, not blocked by any buildings. This Golden Westlake apartment building is a real estate product of Ha Viet Tung Shing Co., Ltd. as the investor.

    The Golden Westlake project has an extremely expensive location in two central districts of Hanoi, at 162A Hoang Hoa Tham, Thuy Khue Ward, Ba Dinh District or 151 Thuy Khue, Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho District. The strength of this project is the apartment with a panoramic view of the romantic West Lake that no other building can have. In addition, the Golden Westlake apartment building is also located deep inside, so the residents living here can enjoy absolute silence, away from the noise of traffic and the city.

    Besides, Golden Westlake apartment also owns a convenient location to move to major embassies located in the center of Hanoi such as Japanese Embassy, Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Embassy of Sweden , U.S.A Embassy, Polish Embassy, Brazilian Embassy, Bulgarian Embassy, Canadian Embassy, Colombian Embassy, German Embassy, Dutch Embassy…

    Near Medlatec, Thu Cuc hospitals, Chu Van An Primary – Middle School – High School, Ba Dinh Secondary School…

    Golden Westlake building consists of two buildings: the East building (Tower E) and West building (Tower W) with a height of 23 floors with a total of 370 apartments. Apartments for rent at Golden Westlake include many different types of area from 68 – 84 – 115 – 128 – 147 – 191 – 285m2 divided into types from 1 – 6 bedrooms. In addition, Golden Westlake apartment building also offers Duplex and Penthouse apartments to serve the needs of high-class living, in multi-storey houses but at a quiet high altitude.

    As a high-class apartment project, utilities and services are indispensable. In addition to 24/7 security services and professional reception, there are other services such as car care, bonsai trimming, laundry, cleaning… Besides, residents live or rent at the project. Golden Westlake project also enjoys high-class facilities such as fitness center and swimming pool (included in management fee), Maple Bear kindergarten, Top Chef restaurant, CitySmart Hospitality center…

    For more information about Golden Westlake apartment rental, please contact (+84) 39 819 5355 – Jackie Realtor or email jackierealtor.enquiry@gmail.com!

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