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    Green Eye Environment Co., Ltd. (GREE)exclusively distributes KWI's built-in flocculation equipment, settling, and filtration of KWI water treatment in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia markets. KWI Group is one of the pioneers in MDAF technology in the world established in 1949 by Dr. Milos Krofta. Currently, KWI has more than 17 global branches and more than 4700 systems that have been successfully applied in over 77 countries.

    KWI projects that have been successfully implemented in Vietnam include: Watten Vietnam paper factory with a capacity of 2400 m3/day, Vina Kraft Bình Dương paper factory with a capacity of 13000 m3/day, NTPM Vietnam paper factory with a capacity of 3800 m3/day, Nam Bình Dương solid waste treatment complex with a capacity of 480 m3/day, and Thu Trọng seafood factory with a capacity of 400 m3/day.

    GREE would like to introduce,

    Investor customers REGISTER FOR A PHYSICAL TOUR OF EQUIPMENT OPERATION seafood wastewater treatment and shrimp frying powder separation outstanding performance up to 99% of GREE to receive the following benefits:

    1. Directly see GREE's equipment operation process at the largest seafood project in the west with outstanding processing efficiency, saving labor costs, chemicals, electricity, reasonable investment costs.

    1. Compare reviews to choose the right technology for your business. Seeing the effectiveness of seafood wastewater treatment and shrimp frying powder separation of GREE only through Minicell 6 equipment not only achieved phosphorus treatment efficiency up to 83%, grease 99%, TSS 91%, COD 87%, but also nutritional recovery in aquatic wastewater for animal feed and reuse. Reducing pollution levels helps reduce the amount of sludge produced, saving the cost of sludge treatment.

    1. Get price incentives when partnering with GREE.

    2. Get a free trial of the device at your project.

    The equipment has successfully operated many major seafood plant projects in the world such as Marindustrias SA Seafood Factory (Mexico) with a capacity of 2,160 m3/day, Aqualande Seafood Factory (France) with a capacity of 816 m3/day, Pennine Food Seafood Factory (UK) with a capacity of 2,160 m3/day…

    Many large seafood enterprises in Vietnam have relied on GREE equipment such as Minh Phú Seafood Group Factory, Thu Trọng 1 Seafood Factory (Q=400 m3/day), Trung Sơn Hưng Yên Seafood Factory (Q=1500 m3/day)... The actual effectiveness in the treatment of aquatic wastewater is as follows:

    1. Completely separate fried dough from wastewater with up to 99% efficiency in frying powder cup shrimp seafood processing industry


    Figure 1: Image of shrimp frying powder separation before and after processing by GREE equipment at Hậu Giang large seafood factory

    1. Nutritional recall in shrimp and surimi processing seafood industry for reuse purposes as animal feed


    Image 2: Operation of nutritional recall at large seafood plant in the West


    Image 3: Operation of shrimp processing wastewater treatment at a large seafood group in the West







    Treatment Process

    + Integrating all 5 flocculation processes that combine sedimentation, flotation and sludge concentrate in a single device. No need for flocculation tanks.

    + Chemicals are put directly into the input wastewater pipe and are stirred with air bubbles

    + The process of flocculation, sedimentation, and flotation must build each tank separately ----> Cost of investment, area ...

    + Chemicals enrich the flocculation tank, create a separate construction flocculation tank, do not apply directly to the pipe, use the motor to stir.


    Structure and flexibility

    + Material: Stainless steel or steel

    The tank is made of high-quality stainless steel/ steel, beautiful design, solid. The tank is designed into pieces pieced together. Flexible in transportation and installation, easy to change the functionality of the equipment.

    + Material: Reinforced concrete

    The tank is usually built of reinforced concrete, fixed in one place so there is no flexibility in moving, reusing in another location when there is a need to switch functions.


    Area of use

    + With a capacity of 3000 m3/day

    The processing equipment has an area of: D5500 (mm) x H1500 (mm) equivalent to 23.7 m2

    About 4.9 times smaller than traditional technology. Savings on investment and installation costs

    + With a capacity of 3000 m3/day

    The physiologic processing cluster has a calculated area of ~116m2

    The area of use is very large. Costly investment and construction costs.


    Processing performance

    + High processing performance:

    Total Phospohorus: 96%; TSS: 98%, Total N: 64%

    (Based on Minicell equipment operation data at the Minh Phú Group)

    + Low processing performance:

    Total Phosphorus: 49%; TSS 61%; Total N: 29%


    Recall feature for reuse purposes

    + Nutritional recovery for the purpose of reuse, utilization as fodder.

    With a factory with a capacity of 3000 m3/day, it is about 8.6 tons/day.

    (Based on Minicell equipment operation data at Minh Phu Group)

    + No nutritional recall feature


    Amount of sludge produced

    + Post-treatment sludge achieves a high concentration of 3-5% higher than traditional technology to 4-5 times higher than traditional technology. Helps reduce the cost of sludge treatment by 4-5 times compared to traditional.

    + Post-treatment sludge is usually low in concentration < 1.0% of the cost of very high sludge treatment, which is very expensive.


    Integrating micro-bubble technology into the water treatment process

    + The application of micro-bubble system (ADR) has a size of 40-100 micro, so the ability to stick to the residue suspended in the water floats to the surface very well, almost no residue suspended in the water after treatment.

    + There is no micro-bubble technology.


    Cost of operating chemicals (physiologic processing)

    + Low

    + Wastewater treatment (5,911 VND/m3)

    + Nutritional recall (2,893 VND/m3)

    Based on Minicell equipment operation data at the Minh Phú Group

    + High

    + Wastewater treatment (7,665 VND/m3)

    GREE equipment is already present at the largest seafood group in the west, demonstrating the superior reliability and efficiency brought by GREE. Customers who are interested or in need of an advanced water treatment technology, saving operating cost, efficiency, reducing investment costs for their projects:


    Address: 130 Nguyễn Công Trứ, P. Nguyễn Thái Bình, Q.1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

    Phone: (028)38279706 – 0981687909

    Email: kinhdoanh@gree-vn.com
    Website: : Công nghệ xử lý nước thải GREE - Công ty môi trường chuyên xử lý nước thải, xử lý khí thải GREE

    Facebook: Facebook

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